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Generation Two: Nathaniel Niles

Nathaniel Niles (John1)

Born: August 16, 1642, Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA.1
Died: December 22, 1727, Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA; (Gravestone).1
Married: Sarah SANDS (or Sandys), February 14, 1670/1; Block Island, Washington Co., RI.1&2

Children of Nathaniel Niles and Sarah Sands are:
  • Jeremiah, born abt. 1672, New Shoreham, Washington Co., RI.
  • Rev. Samuel, born May 1, 1674; married (1) Elizabeth THATCHER, (2) Anne CODDINGTON, (3) Elizabeth ADAMS; died May 1, 17621; Gravestone
  • Nathaniel, born March 21, 1678; married Mary HANNAH, January 26, 1699, North Kingstown, Washington Co., RI; died July 5, 1766; Gravestone.1
  • Katherine, born March 13, 1680, New Shoreham, Washington Co., RI; died March 13, 1680, New Shoreham, Washington Co., RI.1
  • Elisha, born 1682, New Shoreham, Washington Co., RI; died 1685.
  • Ebenezer, born January 3, 1682/3, New Shoreham, Washington Co., RI; married (1) Abigail HAZARD (2) Elizabeth, died March 3, 1753, Stonington, New London Co., CT.1
  • Tabitha, born January 25, 1685, New Shoreham, Washington Co., RI; married Abraham PERKINS, May 23, 1708, North Kingstown, Washington Co., RI; died December 28, 1717, South Kingstown, Washington Co., RI.1
  • Sarah, born 1687, New Shoreham, Washington Co., RI; married Rouse HELME, July 21, 1709, North Kingstown, Washington Co., RI; died aft. 1748.1
  • Catherine, born March 13, 1690; married Robert HANNAH, died aft. 1726, South Kingston, Washington Co., RI.1


Nathaniel was a Captain of Militia in King Phillips war, Justice of Peace, Grand Juror 1687, and a member of the Rhode Island Assembly in 1705.

He owned plantations at South Kingstown and on Block Island.

He left Block Island ca.1693 for Point Judith, RI where he resided before moving to Kingstown RI (in the area now called South Kingstown) to live on his estate named Dale Carlia. He did go back & forth to Boston, etc., from places where he lived, but only on business matters. He died in 1727 at Braintree MA at the home of his son the Rev. Samuel Niles probably while on a visit following the death of his wife Sarah a year or so before. He is buried in Elm St. Cemetery, Quincy MA. His grave stone says, "Here Lyes ye Body of Nathaniel Nyles Formerly of Block Island." 3

Taken from the New England Historical Genealogical Register, Volume 85, April 1931, page146:

Nathaniel Niles, cooper, born 16 Aug. 1642, died at Braintree, Mass., 22 Dec. 1727. He married at Block Island, R.I., 14 Feb. 1671, Sarah Sands, daughter of James and Sarah Sandys of New Shoreham (Block Island).

Nathaniel Niles was at Block Island in 1670. He bought land at Lyme, Conn., in 1692, as appears from a deed from William and Richard Ely "of a tract of land in Lyme, known as Joshua`s Town, in consideration of £70 silver money to me pd by Nathaniel Noiles, cooper, of Block Island," signed 13 Nov. 1692; but he did not settle at Lyme, for a deed of John Banning, signed 13 June 1701, of land in Joshua`s Town calls him "Nathaniel Noyles of Rochester or Kingston" (R.I.). A deed was signed at New Shoreham 11 June 1701 from "Nathaniel Noiles to John Banning."


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3 Information provided by Allen D. Niles

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