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Generation Seven: Thomas Niles

Thomas Niles ( Caleb6, Caleb5, Ebenezer4, Ebenezer3, Nathaniel2, John1)

Born: May 8, 1799, Litchfield, Kennebec Co., ME1
Died: After 1861, Town of Tompkins, Delaware Co., NY
Married: Sarah COMSTOCK, 1820; born about 1804; died March 29, 1890, Exeter, Otsego Co., NY.

Children of Thomas Niles and Sarah2:

  • William, born October 5, 1820, Otsego Co., NY; married Sarah COMSTOCK; died November 13, 1882, Tompkins, Delaware Co., NY.
  • Ruth A., born 1824, Otsego Co., NY; married John Steward CUMMINGS.
  • Edgar, born 1833; married Emma SNYDER
  • Magetta, born about 1834.
  • Ceylon, born March 10, 1839, Otsego Co. NY; married Maria B. SMITH; died September 26, 1913, Fly Creek, Otsego Co., NY


Census 1820, Town of Otsego, New York: 1 Male (Thomas)

Census 1830, Town of Exeter, Otsego Co. N.Y. :
Males: 0-1-0-0-0-1 Females: 0-1-2-0-0-1

In 1840 Census, Town of Exeter, N.Y., Thomas was not there, gone to parts unknown, but his wife Sarah is listed as the head of the family, and all his children with her.

In 1855 Census, Town of Masonville, Delaware Co., NY: Thomas, age 56, resident of this town 9yrs., father-in-law. Living with his daughter, Ruth (Niles) Cummings and her family.

On a deed, dated August 23, 1860, recorded March 29, 1861: Bk. 53, p.673:

Thomas Niles, seller, of town Masonville, Del. Co., N.Y. to Ruth A. Cummings, of same, sells, grants, and conveys all that certain piece of land in said town of Masonville, 45 A. to be laid out in a square as nearly as maybe, in the S.E. corner of lot No 60 and around 40 A. in the S.E. corner of lot No 60, in Rappelyea pat. containing in the whole 85 A. of land, with the appurtenances, & all the estate, title, and interest therein, of the said party of the first part, and warrants her complete possession.

Signed, Thomas Niles

Sealed and delivered in pres. of Lewis Kentfield

A personal account of Thomas Niles as told by Lena J. (Teed) Niles:

I was told by my husband, Frank Niles, that when he was a young lad, riding in a "buggy" wagon with his father (Squire Niles) from Walton to Trout Creek, N.Y., that as they came over the last big hill, his father pointed out to him a distant hill where his grandfather Thomas Niles lived. That would have been on the cross-road from Pines Swamp to Tacoma.

Frank Niles also said that a farmer he once knew, "Deck" Ingalls, had told him that the name of Thomas Niles was on a deed of the farm where said Ingalls lived, its location on the cross-road between Pines Swamp and Tacoma.

As Thomas Niles was a cooper by trade, he may have worked in the creamery, or butter factory, making firkins or butter tubs. In those early days, there was one near, or at Tacoma. Later torn down.

The places mentioned were in the Town of Masonville, near the farthest boundary line of that town.

Frank also stated that his father used to visit Ceylon Niles (a son of Thomas) at Fly Creek, or that vicinity. A clue to their relationship.


1 Vital Records, Litchfield, ME; LDS film 11, 329.
2 Based on the 1830 Census, Town of Exeter, New York.

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