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Generation Eight: William Niles

William Niles (Thomas7, Caleb6, Caleb5, Ebenezer4, Ebenezer3, Nathaniel2, John1)

Born: October 5, 1820, Otsego Co., N.Y.
Died: November 13, 1882, Tompkins, Trout Creek , NY (Gravestone)
Married(1):Harriet HATHAWAY, December 30, 1841, Exeter, Otsego Co., NY; born about 1822.
Married(2) Orilla BURT, 1875; born December, 1839; died 1923; Gravestone.

William Niles and wife Harriet lie buried in Austin Cemetery on the top of the first big hill, going from Trout Creek to Walton in Delaware Co., New York.

Orilla Burt Pond was originally buried in Cannonsville, Delaware Co. NY, but was removed to the Walton Cemetery when the Cannonsville Reservoir was built.

Children of William Niles and Harriet Hathaway are:

  • Edwin, born 1843, married Emerancy ANDERSON, July 5, 1865, Masonville, Delaware Co., NY.
  • George, born December, 1844; married Mary Louisa DRAKE, 1867, Trout Creek, Delaware Co., NY; died March 25, 1918.
  • Louisa, born November 12, 1846; married Irving DARLING, January 1, 1867, Trout Creek, Delaware Co., NY.
  • Clarissa Angelia, born 1850; married Edwin ANDERSON, of Sidney Center, N.Y. A son of Frank Anderson; died 1878, Sidney Centery, Delaware Co., NY.
  • William T., born 1853; married 2x or 3x., died Jan. 14, 1895, Trout Creek, Delaware Co., NY
  • Squire Lebbeus, Aug. 11, 1854; married Eva A. HOWES, 1878; died March 17, 1903.
  • Hattie, passed away as a child.

Children of William and 2nd wife, Orilla Burt:

  • Etta Viola, born October 25, 1876, married George TURNER, February 17, 1897; died July 19, 1960.


Taken from an old Cooperstown newspaper, the record in Fenimore House, Cooperstown N.Y., by a Mrs. Calman of Sherburne, and given to Lena J. Niles in 1952:

Married, in Exeter, on Dec. 30, 1841, by the Rev. Bishop A. Russell. Mr. William Niles and Miss Harriett Hathaway, both of Exeter.

1855 census, town Masonville:

William Niles, age 34, b. Otsego Co. in town 9 yrs.
Harriet Niles, wife age 33, b. Del. Co., b. 1822
Edwin, age 12, b. Otsego Co. b. 1843
George, age 10, b. Otsego Co. b. 1845
Louisa, age 8, b. Del. Co. b. 1847
Angely, age 5, b. Del. Co. b. 1850
Wm. T., age 2, b. Del Co. b. 1853
Squire Niles, age 9/12, b. Del. Co., b. 1854

Town of Tompkins records. Deaths: Died, Dec. 15, 1888: Louisa Darling, age 42 yr. 1 mo. 3 da., born N.Y.S., life res. Died and buried in town Tompkins, 4 mos. pulmonary consumption.

Father: William Niles
Mother: Harriet (Hathaway) Niles.

Town of Tompkins records. Deaths:

Died, Jan. 14, 1895: William T. Niles, age 41 yr. 10 mo. 28 da., born town of Tompkins, buried Trout Creek.
Father: William Niles
Mother: Harriet Hathaway - died pulmonary TB

Deeds, on file in Delhi, Del. Co., N.Y.

Dec. 12, 1853: Owner at Kingston, N.Y., sells to William Niles, of Masonville. For $300, in Lot 49, ½ way between Rock Royal and Cannosville.

1865, May 29, 1865: Anne (Huntington) Bullock (dau. of John Huntinton) and her children, sold a farm to William Niles. The names of her sons and daughters signing the deed were Reuben Bullock, Olive Bullock, Clarissa Bullock, Leonard Martin Bullock, Mary Bullock Smith, and Malinda Bullock Jackson. Price paid $950. Land in lot 91, E. side Bullock Hill road, on Bullock Hill.

Witness and atty., Francis Willard Teed

Both farms purchased by William Niles, were in the Town of Tompkins close to and adjoins the town of Masonville.

Picture of the William and Squire Niles farm taken in 1939 (in the picture are Stanley and Eva Rutenber who rented the farm at this time).

Information from Surrogate’s Office, Delhi, N.Y.

William Niles d. Nov. 13, 1882. His sons, George and Squire, execs. Children mentioned in will, Edwin-Louisa-Darling-Etta Viola- Wm. T., Post Oak, Spotsylvania Co., Va. Squire and George. Money pd. to legatees and widow, $2650.

The Last Will & Testament of William Niles: William Niles Will

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