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Generation Nine: Squire Lebbeus Niles

Squire Lebbeus Niles (William8, Thomas7, Caleb6, Caleb5, Ebenezer4, Ebenezer3, Nathaniel2, John1)

Born: August 11, 1854, Town of Masonville, Delaware Co. NY.
Died: March 17, 1903, Walton, Delaware Co., NY; Findagrave.
Married: Eva A. HOWES, 1878; born March 29, 1856; died October 2, 1899, in Walton, Delaware Co., NY.

Known child of Squire Niles and Eva Howes

  • Frank Jenkins Niles, born May 15, 1886; married June 29, 1915, Trout Creek, Delaware Co., NY; died February 13, 1960.


The following recollections are taken from notes from Lena J. (Teed) Niles, who researched the Niles and related families for over 25 years.:

Eva Howes was the daughter of Jessie Fields Howes, and his wife Susan Jenkins, of Trout Creek, N.Y. The ancestry of Eva Howes traces back to Moody Howes, who early came to Southeast, in Putnam Co., N.Y., from Barnstable Co., Mass., and through him to five persons who came on the Mayflower. Also a Gov. of Mass.

Both Squire and Eva Howes Niles taught school for a few years after their marriage. It is said that Squire was quite a strong man, good at wrestling, etc., and could handle some of the fully grown young men who then attended country schools. He once taught in the Crary district on Sands Creek, near Hancock, called a tough district.

Squire Niles lived on the farm on Bullock Hill, for a couple years after his father's death. Afterward, took a course at the Eastman Shool of Business, at Poughkeepsie. Then operated a hotel in Walton for a short time. Eva died in Walton when their son Frank was 13 yrs. of age. Squire died four years later, also in Walton.

Jesse Fields Howes and wife Susan had 12 or 13 children. It is said Eva Howes was brought up by and lived with her Jenkins grandparents, who lived on an adjacent hill, near Trout Creek. Many teachers in the Howes family.

Eva (Howes) Niles was a very bright, gifted person, with nice features. She painted many pictures which were distributed among her relatives, and pieced a number of nice quilts. She was thrifty, a good cook, and a person with many friends.

Other Notes:

From will of father, William Niles:

I give devise and bequeath to my Squire Niles the following named property subject however to the payment of the above or before mentioned legacies, within three years after my decease without interest numbers??? otherwise before stated, at the end of which time they shall all be considered due and payable unless otherwise stated herein before as in the case of my wife and my child and grandchildren under age, viz. The farm on which I now reside, containing about one hundred and eighty three acres of land twenty cows, one horse, one set double harness one pair bobs one platform spring wagon our mowing machine, our horse rake and all other farming utensils and herein before mentioned of which I may be possessed.

Stamford Mirror, Tuesday, May 2, 1893

Harvard House. Squire Niles, of Harvard, was in Walton Wednesday, negotiating for the sale of his hotel property to some parties in the city who intend to make some improvements and take city boarders. We understand that Mr. Niles contemplates moving west. - Walton Caron.

Eva A. (Howes) Niles, d. October 2, 1899, age 43 yrs., of Walton (Index, Surrogate's Office, Delhi, N.Y.).

Link to Edmund Howes Biography. Edmund was the father of Jessie F. Howes and grandfather of Eva Howes.

1880 Federal Census - Town of Tompkins:

Niles, Squire L. 45 25
Niles, Eva 14 24

1900 Federal Census - Town of Walton:

Niles, Squire L. 1854 Aug NY 45 Widow 424
Niles, Frank J. 1886 May NY 14 Single 424

Joseph B. Wade, Deposit, N.Y., appointed guardian of her son, Frank, age about 13 yrs. Joseph's wife Mary Eliza (Hathaway) was perhaps a relative of Harriet Hathaway, first wife of Squire's father William.

squire.jpg (37498 Byte)

Photo of Squire Niles - taken while in Poughkeepsie at the Eastman School of Business.

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